The Way We Live

The time has come to embrace the cold weather, wrap up warm and find the best winter outfit accessories for you. Here at BUFF® we believe your life, adventures, and days out with friends shouldn’t slow down due to the weather. We have a range of BUFF® winter beanies and BUFF® neckwear for all activities. Whether you’re hiking mountains, skiing the slopes, walking to work, or enjoying a snowy getaway, we have you covered. The way we live is important, and for most of us, we don’t slow down in autumn or winter. Whether you’re looking for a BUFF® winter beanie for your daily life, or BUFF® neckwear to protect you while skiing the slopes, we’ve got your back!  

Every Day Life

The colder months have arrived and there is an icy breeze in the air as you step outside after a hard day of work. Unchaining your bike, it’s time to relax and enjoy company of friends as you bike towards the coffee shop. Wrap up warm in your winter outfit accessories, giving a flash of your own unique style among your working uniform. Once off your bike, take your helmet off and keep warm in one of your uniquely styled BUFF® beanies as you sit outside to enjoy a hot chocolate as the snow falls around you.

Winter Outfit Accessories Perfect for Snow

As the snow falls you peak out the window and smile to yourself, ski season has arrived. It’s time to fill up the van with snacks and layers, not forgetting your BUFF® winter beanies and BUFF neckwear to complete your outfits. The van is full, the heat is on and it’s time to drive off into the mountains together. Spend the weekend in the snow, racing the slopes, and enjoying the view. When the day of skiing is over it’s time to enjoy Après ski! Wrapped up warm with your winter outfit accessories, enjoy a well-deserved drink as the sun sets over the mountain summits.  

BUFF® Winter Beanies for Leisure Activities

Winter getaways are made for log cabins in the countryside. Pack your winter outfits and your BUFF® winter beanies and BUFF® neckwear to bring out your personality among the cosy clothes. Jump in the car, tunes on and you soon arrive at the cabin. Unpacking takes a backseat as you run to enjoy the snow and scenery around you. As you play in the snow, explore the area and gather firewood for a bonfire later, don’t forget your BUFF® winter beanie you chose especially for this trip. In the evening spend time swapping stories of the day, wrapped up warm in your winter outfit accessories and blankets, enjoy your hot chocolate to the crackle of the fire.

Outdoors and Active

Snow on the mountains means extra adventure. You’re packing up your gear for hiking but ensure the camera is in your bag too, because snow-capped mountains and crisp winter days are perfect for photos. Leaving early to make the most of the weather, you do a coffee run wrapped in your BUFF® neckwear before picking up the rest of the group ready for a summit day. As you hike up the mountain, the sun hits the peaks, making the snow glitter on the trees and peaks around you. On the summit it’s time to capture the moment, swap into your bright BUFF® winter beanie to match your personality as you pose for the perfect photo against the white background. Watch as the clouds roll in and you appear to be floating above the rest of the world as you stand atop the summit.

The way we live at BUFF® is to support you in whatever adventure looks like for you in this autumn and winter season. A warm drink in a coffee shop while it snows, or a snowy summit day offer memories that will last forever, and we are here to back you up with that. Whether you’re after a cosy BUFF® winter hat for your daily walk to work or stocking up on winter outfit accessories for more extreme adventures. We are here to help you live the way you love during these colder months.