BUFF® has been granted the prestigious SGE 21 certification

BUFF® consolidates its lead as an ethically and socially responsible company by obtaining this recognised European certification

FORÉTICA, the association of companies and professionals for corporate social responsibility has granted BUFF® the SGE 21 certification. This is a European certification that is only awarded to organisations that have demonstrated and reaffirmed their ethical and social commitment and good administration in each of the areas of their business structure, both internally and externally.

To achieve this, BUFF® has successfully completed an audit conducted by SGS, a certification company recognised by FORÉTICA, who have assessed and confirmed that the company have complied with the necessary requirements to apply these regulations, such as the creation of equality and family reconciliation policies, continual assessments of the work climate, creating an ethical code of conduct and implementing an anti-corruption policy, among others. BUFF® has developed and maintains, as part of its business activity, each of these actions that must be complied with, in order to attain the SGE 21 certification, highlighting it as one of the pioneering companies in Spain to have achieved this recognition.

Furthermore, the environmental commitment that BUFF® promotes through various actions and initiatives has also been considered for the granting of this certification, which are all encompassed by its DO MORE NOW sustainability programme. These include the brand’s significant contribution to the research and development of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and its significant contribution to the manufacturing of sustainable fabrics created with fibres from recycled plastic bottles. A large percentage of BUFF® products are already made from this type of fabric. Caring for animal welfare is also a priority for BUFF®, working exclusively with providers who obtain merino wool through methods that care for and ensure the well-being of the sheep, as well as actively participating in all kinds of projects and initiatives that promote environmental conservation, on a local, national and international level.

Complying with these regulations is a significant achievement in BUFF®’s quest for improvements and advances in the area of social and ethical responsibility, and it is also an outstanding tool for positioning and setting itself apart from the competition.