BUFF® renames its Professional Division to highlight its main attribute: Safety

BUFF® Safety, the accessories division designed and created specifically for workers’ safety and protection, takes on an increasingly strategic role within the company

BUFF®’s professional division has changed its name to reinforce and highlight the purpose of its products: occupational protection and safety.

As its new name indicates, BUFF® Safety wants to showcase its expertise in the design and manufacture of accessories for occupational protection for the neck and head. Its range of products covers a wide variety of risk situations: moderate and extreme cold, wind, heat, UV rays, cuts, fire, electric arc, etc. And it also offers the worker great comfort, which sets its products apart from most of the similar products offered by the competition.

With this change of image, the renowned Original BUFF® brand is once again demonstrating that its category of occupational protection products is considered strategic for its growth and global scope. 

More than 10 years of experience and growth

The BUFF® Safety division was born in 2007, focused from the start on the sale of products for the workplace. Shortly after, it managed to win its first public tender and was the brand that equipped the Spanish Air Force with its accessories.

It started out with 4 families of products with a total of 24 different product references (different colours, prints…) and since then it hasn’t stopped growing. It currently has a total of 37 product families and 137 references. In 2010, BUFF® Safety added the first family of PPE-certified products to its catalogue for the first time; the iconic Fire Resistant product that, ever since it was first created, has been and continues to be the division’s best seller. Today, there are already 21 BUFF® Safety product families that are certified as PPE, offering unique protection against the most serious occupational risks.

More and more customers around the world trust the safety, quality and comfort of its products. From public administrations (army, police, firefighters, emergency and rescue services, infrastructure maintenance services…) to large multinational companies from different sectors as well as individual professionals.

Given the growth that this division has experienced in recent years, Original BUFF® has decided to expand and further strengthen the company’s internal departments that are focused on the design of professional products, R&D development and quality improvement, in addition to building up its commercial and marketing areas.

For this reason, on 2021, BUFF® Safety will carry out different campaigns and activations and will present several new features, such as a new brand site with information about the division and its products.