The BUFF® Filter Tube is here!

All over the world we are all feeling the effects of the virus on our daily lives. Each country has slightly different rules, travel is restricted, and many people’s lives have changed. But the Coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Whether that is getting outside for a walk or going to your favourite coffee shop. That’s why we launched the BUFF® Filter Mask in summer, to support you during the warmer months.

Now imagine you open the front door, the wind’s blowing, there’s a cold nip in the air and the rain is falling. Wrapping a scarf around your neck and pulling it over your face to stay warm, wouldn’t it be easier if your mask were built into your scarf? Well, we think so too! So, we created the BUFF® Filter Tube to get you through the colder months and keep you warm.

What’s the Difference between the BUFF® Filter Mask & Filter Tube?

The BUFF® Filter Tube was designed with you in mind now, and once the pandemic ends. The design is like our iconic Multifunctional tubular with one big difference, there is a pocket inside to insert your filters. These filters meet the performance requirements of the European standard EN 14683:2019 for medical Face Masks providing a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and breathability Type I and II.

Not only is the design of the mask different, but it is multifunctional. Once the pandemic comes to an end and real-life resumes; you can use the BUFF® Filter Tube as a recreational neck warmer for colder weather activities. It is also perfect for those everyday journeys like, taking the kids to school, getting to work on public transport and even grocery shopping. We have a big focus on ensuring our products can be used time and time again, so it made sense rather than designing a warmer mask, to build a mask into the neck warmer you already love.

How Do I Wear It?

Much like our multifunctional neckwear, the BUFF® Filter Tube works the same way. Place it over your head and pull the filter pocket section up over your nose and mouth. It has two different sizes to choose from, and it’s easy to remove and put on again.

If wearing the mask on a colder day, pull the sides up over your ears and further up the back of your head to keep warm. Designed with your comfort in mind, this mask is great for all day wear and as a warm, recreational product.

Is the BUFF® Filter Tube Sustainable?

The simple answer is yes! Like a lot of our products, we have designed this with the environment in mind. Covid-19 may have given the environment a break in some ways, but the result of disposable masks being used will have a devastating impact. Therefore, we made the BUFF® Filter Tube from 95% recycled fabric and designed it to be reusable in both the daily sense but also once the pandemic ends. As well as using the mask repeatedly, the filters are recyclable, so nothing ends up in landfill! A mask with multiple purposes is just as important as a daily reusable mask.

Why Do I Need to Use Filters in The Mask?

The Filters that we use in both the BUFF® Filter Mask and BUFF® Filter Tube have been signed off and certified to meet performance requirements (BFE I Breathability (EN14683:2019) Medical Facemask). The filter prevents the spread of droplets from coughing and/or speaking and the inside pocket is treated with antimicrobial properties to give you that extra peace of mind. So, when visiting your family or going shopping, you know the mask with filter is the best face covering to wear during the pandemic.

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The winter months shouldn’t be something to dread, we want you to live your life. So, when you open your door to the colder, rainy days, smile as you easily pull your BUFF® Filter Tube over your mouth and nose. Keep warm and enjoy life, whether that is laughing with friends while shopping, or taking the morning commute to work. Your world doesn’t have to stop because of the pandemic, with the BUFF® Filter Tube, you can enjoy life.