BUFF®, new member of the Climate Action Corporation

We are maintaining our sustainability initiatives to continue caring for the Earth

The current labour and social hiatus, with limits on business and human activity, has significantly reduced pollution rates, something which is evident to the naked eye in large cities where clean environments are re-emerging in ways that have not been seen in years.

One of the lessons taken from this exceptional situation that we’re experiencing is that in moments like this, we must lead the impetus of change and do everything we can to prevent the planet we live on from being ruined. Climate change is a real threat that affects all of us equally.

Conscious of the gravity of the situation, for years BUFF® has been developing its DO MORE NOW sustainable programme which includes different actions and initiatives that the brand is carrying out as part of its commitment to nature. These include the innovation to make production processes more efficient, the substitution of traditional fibres for ones obtained from recycled plastic bottles and the commitment to animal welfare to obtain merino wool, working only and exclusively with suppliers that obtain this natural fibre with methods that care for and guarantee the welfare of the sheep.

As part of its DO MORE NOW programme, the brand is also actively participating in different projects and initiatives that promote environmental conservation. In this regard, as of this April BUFF® has joined the CLIMATE ACTION CORPORATION, a movement promoted by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) whose main objective is to spearhead positive climate change action and obtain an ecosystem that’s free of toxic waste.

As a founding member of this initiative, BUFF® has committed to carrying out a study to calculate the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions that the brand produces when manufacturing, distributing and selling its products. It has also committed to designing a strategic plan for gas reduction, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and sharing its progress annually in a transparent way.

60 companies in the Outdoor world have now joined this initiative, including PRIMALOFT®, one of the main suppliers of BUFF®.