Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company that designs, manufactures and commercializes head and neck accessories, we are committed to what surrounds us. BUFF® is a global organization that respects the environment, encourages creativity and diversity, and pursues people wellness.



The present Corporate Social Responsibility Report reflects the current situation of the company and its relationship with others social, environmental and economic spheres.

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BUFF® has committed to manage the company in a sustainable way by establishing an Ethical and CSR Management System SGE21.

The SGE21 Certificate is an international reference standard whose objective is to encourage the integration of environmental, social and good governance practices on companies' management.

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DO MORE NOW is the project that defines what we do. We express our values and our commitment to the environment by caring more, acting more and protecting more our surroundings. Our people and our increasingly sustainable production processes are the key to create a better world.

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