It is the warmest line of our Merino Wool products. Ideal for high thermal insulation during low-intensity outdoor activities like trekking, hiking and climbing during the coldest seasons. Its two layers of 315 g/m² provide extra warmth to feel protected in style!


Lightweight Merino wool

Ideal for high-medium intensity outdoor activities in warm weather conditions. In such conditions, Merino wool maintains freshness by transporting moisture to the Surface of the garment. Its seamless design makes it comfortable to wear and prevents skin irritation. It is made with only one layer, 125g/m².


Midweight Merino wool

It is designed for medium intensity activities but in colder weather conditions. Merino wool regulates and maintains body temperature by absorbing moisture. Just like the Light Merino wool, these models resist odour naturally and can be worn for days (even weeks) without washing. It is made of a 250g/m² layer.

Heavyweight Merino wool

It is ideal to wear when taking part in sports such as hiking, trekking and horse riding in extremely cold weather conditions. In these conditions, Merino wool generates heat by absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment. It weighs 600g/m² in total and it’s composed of two layers of 300g/m².





  1. Lightweight Merino Wool Tubular Tolui Black - BUFF®
  2. LW Merino wool Solid Black - BUFF®
  3. LW Merino wool Solid Grey - BUFF®




  1. Heavyweight Merino Wool Tubular Solid Denim - BUFF®
  2. Heavyweight Merino Wool Tubular Solid Grey - BUFF®