The story of a dream

A natural evolution

Every day is different. Every road is unique. Every moment is a new challenge. At BUFF® we are certain that evolution is the only way to go forward. The road keeps changing and we are ready for it. Anywhere and anytime.

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A simple great idea

A family factory in the west of Barcelona and one simple idea. Joan Rojas designs a seamless microfiber tubular to ride his motorcycle. People love it. Soon after, BUFF® is born.

BUFF® Tubulars, a simple great idea
BUFF® multifunctional neckwear designed in Barcelona

From Barcelona to the world

Great things must be shared. BUFF® starts an international adventure. France, Switzerland and Germany are the first ones to welcome. The multifunctional tubular is currently sold in more than 60 countries.

New horizons: Hats time!

The road is always ahead, but the paths must be always chosen. We choose always challenge and challenge means change. From neck to head, our neck accessories received brand new members to the family, and hats were here to stay.

Original BUFF® new product lines
creating a better world

Bringing nature to the streets

Design has been one of our identity signs since the very beginning. Achieving a style fit not only for sports but also for everyday life was a challenge. And we made it. 

True sports DNA

We have always been together with sports. Taking part in worldwide first level competitions and creating our own teams has become a great test field for our products.

outdoor sports are our inspiration
our mission, to battle the most adverse weather conditions

More to live

We believe in change and we stick to our values. We keep designing from our soul, we live every second of every product and we want to help you enjoying life even more.

Legacy of Innovation

As years go by, evolution sets our path. Our team is bigger than ever ready and ready for new challenges and a whole world to discover.