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Multifunctional headwear and neckwear for sports and daily use.

  1. Coolnet UV+ Vivid Grey - BUFF®
  2. Coolnet UV+ Kasai Night Blue - BUFF®
  3. Coolnet UV+ Kitenge Multi - BUFF®
  4. Coolnet UV+ Ozira Night Blue - BUFF®
  5. Coolnet UV+ Tzom - BUFF®
  6. Coolnet UV+ Nomad Rusty - BUFF®
  7. Coolnet UV+ Sweetness Pink - BUFF®
  8. Coolnet UV+ Explode Blue - BUFF®
  9. Coolnet UV+ W-Retro Multi - BUFF®
  10. Coolnet UV+ Chimera Multi - BUFF®
  11. Coolnet UV+ Entropy Multi - BUFF®
  12. Coolnet UV+ Graze Multi - BUFF®
  13. Coolnet UV+ Murmur Multi - BUFF®

  1. Trucker Cap Brak Stone Brak Stone Blue l-xl - BUFF®
  2. Trucker Cap Amdo Multi Amdo Multi s-m - BUFF®
  3. Trucker Cap Kernel Brindle Kernel Brindle l-xl - BUFF®
  4. Pro Run Cap Speckle Black s-m - BUFF®
  5. Trucker Cap Scarlett Macaw l-xl - BUFF®
  6. Trucker Cap Sendel Black Sendel Black l-xl - BUFF®

  1. Filter Pack 30 Filter Pack Adult - BUFF®
  2. Filter Tube Vilmos Blue - BUFF®
  3. Filter Tube Solid Black - BUFF®
  4. Filter Mask Daehlie Multi - BUFF®
  5. Filter Mask Solid Night Blue - BUFF®
  6. Filter Mask Keren Flash Pink - BUFF®

  • BUFF® Filter Tube Shoren Black

    Excellent product. I'm very satisfied


  • Original Banff Mountain Film Festival

    Super cool design. Haven’t had this one very long so I can’t speak to durability, but I’ve had another buff for years with extensive use and it’s just like new. They all seem to be about the same that way, at least the sports ones.


  • Original Log Us Yellow Fluor

    I use all the time for everything, sports, work and walk. It is also for use if you want to look nice. Different style and many options.